Are you frustrated by the way accountants...

  • Often talk in a hard to understand tax terms and numbers language
  • Still require you to do timewasting data collection (excel or MYOB, spread sheets, shoebox receipt keeping)
  • Don’t understand your business and your vision for the future
  • Are often just an expensive service you have to use to meet your tax obligations
  • Often don’t offer the advice and support that you need for success
  • Are number crunchers that don’t seem to care about your business
  • Are major cause of Bill Shock

We understand these frustrations and our clients have discovered that we...

  • Use plain language and simplify the complex issues
  • Use the latest and easy to use technology to make life easier and to save you time and money
  • Work with you to grow your business and problem solve
  • Offer  peace of mind
  • Develop a deep understanding of the challenges you face and the solutions you need
  • Are always available …yes we always return your call!
  • Implement easy to use systems to ensure compliance deadlines are met  whether BAS, Tax or Super

In Fact...

For some of our new clients we have  identified errors or missed opportunities and saved tens of thousands of dollars in over taxing

Have provided solutions to new ventures that previous advisors said could not be done

Dramatically reduced the time required on the boring stuff and increasing time available for business growth and planning

Helped clients who have never been able to make compliance deadlines to achieve 100% compliance for the first time ever.  So the  taxman is happy and perhaps more importantly our clients tell us they can sleep at night.

Have put an end to Bill Shock with our guaranteed monthly fees with no year-end top up – no matter how many emails, meetings or phone calls your business requires

  • The hardest thing to understand is the income tax.
  • Very few people desire a detailed knowledge of the ever-changing tax and compliance laws.
    Accounting Revolution

Featured Expert Tips and Hints...

  • Am I getting the best tax deduction possible for my car?

    Many people pay more tax than they should be….. Sometimes because the accountant has taken the easiest way and at others times because the clients haven’t kept the right records.

  • Bookkeeping – the basics do count!

    At the beginning of time man’s records of what had been collected, gathered and stored was through marks scraped on rocks or bundles of sticks. Hence the very first “book keeper was born”. We then evolved to abacus, papyrus scrolls, rock carvings and even inscriptions on tombs to count record and reconcile various possessions and transactions.

  • Life is priceless…protecting it isn’t!

    Before you consider investing, you should have a sound insurance plan in place. It’s a core need, just like having an “emergency” savings fund.

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