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Debtor Management

Creditors – Businesses or people who are owed money

Debtors – Businesses or people that owe you money

Although a basic indicator of business health many Business owners are never 100% sure how much they owe and how much is owed to them.

By maintaining both debtor and creditor invoices in your accounting system, and ensuring payments are reconciled to amounts owing correctly,debtor and creditor management is simplified with no paper shuffling or piles of paper building up on your desk!.

Our Accountants act as your Financial Officer providing you with accurate reports on how much you owe, dates the amounts are due and of bringing to your attention any overdue accounts.

We can follow up on your debtors assisting you to retain better client relationships.

Our professional service will act according to your specifications – number and frequency of emails before a phone call is made, whether or not a payment instalment arrangement is acceptable, credit card processing facilities, if debt collector services are likely to be employed, etc.

As the business owner you will be kept informed of all correspondence and in the majority of cases your clients will start to pay on a timelier basis.

If debtor and creditor management is a problem in your business call 02 9485 0555 to discuss how we can help

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