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The structure your business operates from is one of the basic building blocks and will offer different opportunities and restrictions from start up phase through to retirement and/or the sale of the business. Accounting Revolution assists clients in understanding and choosing the right structure for their business and/or investments interests. We walk you through the steps by taking into account important considerations such as the type of business, asset protection requirements, tax planning, flexibility, compliance requirements,ability to split income, retaining profits and more.

It is also not unusual for a business to start out, as say a sole trader, and as circumstances change find that the business requires a change to the current structure to meet new needs or concerns. If you have questions on areas such as whether or not your current structure is giving you the best tax advantages, supports the ability to raise funds, protects your personal assets, provides for succession planning, is a suitable vehicle to access government grants and/or concessions please contact us for further information on the pros and cons of restructuring.

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