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Building site calculations and accounting: tools and suggestions

The evolution of the building system leads more and more towards a simplification of the technical – administrative procedures. The “ Scia 2 decree ” approved in advance by the Council of Ministers (No. 120 of 15 June 2016) is also part of this logic, which further expands the interventions that can be carried out in free construction and without any obligation to notify the Municipality.

Basically, building activities that previously required qualifications accompanied by detailed architectural drawings and technical-descriptive reports , can now be carried out autonomously and, in some cases without notifying the Municipal Administration; this obviously implies a decrease, if not the complete cancellation of bureaucratic times and the possibility of reaching the execution phase of the works very quickly.

In this context, the metric calculation increasingly assumes the role of ” core of the building process “. The contracting companies use it as a basis for defining the economic offers, but subsequently also for planning the procurement of works and for controlling costs (comparison between the costs actually incurred and what was initially assumed).

The contracting body / client uses it for investment planning.
The designer uses it as a guideline for planning the works.
The Safety Coordinator in the Design phase uses it for setting the GANT diagram and for the analysis of construction site operations.
In the case of public procurement, it becomes one of the basic documents for the validation of the project, as well as the comparison tool for the approval of the SAL, and the basis for the approval of any variants.

Finally, the Director of Works uses it to obtain the technical specifications of the work to be performed and as a support for the preparation of accounting.

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